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About Aerial World View

Geographical Reach

Our Approach

Aerial World View was founded in order to provide photography, video mapping and data collection through the use of high resolution cameras to offer our clients a lens into their world like never before.  Our capabilities are far reaching, both in our offerings and our clientele.  Sectors such as mapping, real-estate, event production, agriculture and documentary production are just a few examples of areas we support.

Aerial World View has clients both in the northeastern US as well as in Europe. We are able to utilize partners to complete projects anywhere in North America and Europe.  

FAA Compliance, Safety and Customer Satisfaction are what we strive for every day.  We perform every job with at least two on-site people:  a fully trained, FAA certified pilot as well as a trained observer.  We our fully insured, follow strict pre and post flight checklists, and log every flight with the FAA.  Our drones are tested before every flight, and are fully maintained with rigorous inspections and necessary updates.  For every project, we engage in frequent communications with the customer to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded.  We look forward to serving you with this same enthusiastic approach to compliance, safety and customer satisfaction. 



We have engaged in a strategic partnership with the Connecticut Flight Academy on several different initiatives, including the development of a Commercial UAV Pilot certification program.  In this program we enable students to become a commercial UAV pilot while receiving their Private Pilot / Sports Pilot license.  For more information about our UAV pilot certification program, please contact us by email

CT Flight academy has a wide range of services, such as:  Private Pilot program, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot program, Multi-Engine, Career Pilot program, Introductry Flights, Advance Avionics Traning and many others.  You can visit the Connecticut Flight Academy website in order to schedule a tour in our student center at