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Our pilots bring an unmatched level of experience and professionalism to every job.   We can work both independently or side by side with a client in a collaborative manner.   Our seasoned UAV pilots strictly follow all FAA regulations, providing safe yet visually effective flights.



Real-estate: We take short video clips and pictures for real-estate companies representing private or commercial properties. We take around 10 minutes of HD (1080P) or 4K video clips along with 10 to 15 high resolution pictures.  After the shooting, we promptly edit the video and pictures in order to perfect the images we capture for real-estate agents to use for their marketing purposes.  In addition, we also edit 2 to 4 minutes of video with a copyrighted music background to show each property’s aerial view as well as the surrounding environment.


Agriculture: We take HD or 4K video, we are able to capture and produce high resolution pictures of craps, farm land and greenhouses / buildings, all custom tailored to meet each unique request.


Construction:  Builders and developers are able to capture high resolution aerial photograph or video during each phase of the project, from initially scouting and clearing of land through construction and ultimately with detailed shots of the finished product.


Mapping:  Using special cameras, we collect data, including videos, of landscapes and geographical areas, often working with 3rd party partners to translate these images for mapping and topographical use.    


Media and Event Producers:  We work with media and event companies to take aerial video and photo shoots for documentaries, news and events.


Becoming a Commercial Drone Pilot  



Through our joint venture partnership with Connecticut Flight Academy, we offer a full UAV certification program.  This Commercial Drone Certification program covers:


-Introduction to Drones

-FAA Ground School Certification Course

-Private Pilot License Certification

-Hands-on, Outdoor UAV training 


Learning to Fly

Connecticut Flight Academy is one of the premier flight academies in the Northeastern United States.  We currently have a 20 plane fleet, including 2-seat Piper Tomahawks training aircraft, 4-seat Piper Cherokees with advanced avionics, complex aircraft for commercial training, and multi engine aircraft for career bound students.  We also have an Elite RC-1 FAA Approved Training Device to enable our students to experience and practice flying in an advanced simulator setting.  Please contact our admissions director for a no obligations tour and to discuss the right path for you.




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